Home to some of the most creatively designed theme parks in the world, it makes sense that Orlando also has an incredibly vibrant art and culture scene. There’s an endless amount of galleries, museums, historical sites and architecture to explore in this city. To help you choose which ones to see during your visit, Travelup has gathered a few of its ‘must-see art and culture attractions in Orlando.

Of the abundance of treasures that await visitors in Central Florida, none is quite so visually dazzling as an exploration of the rooms inside The C.H Morse Museum of American Art. According to Travelup reviews, this museum is home of one of the most comprehensive collections of artwork by Louis Tiffany in the world. Some of the highlights, according to Travelup reviews, include the Byzantine chapel which Tiffany created specifically for the Columbian Exposition in 1893, as well as the new wing which displays Tiffany’s collection of architectural and art objects which he kept in his own home during his lifetime.

The Regional History centre, housed inside of a stunning, five-storey courthouse built in 1927, can be found in the very heart of Downtown Orlando. Here visitors can explore the vast collection of artefacts from the Florida’s Historical Society. The museum has some highly interactive features and exhibits included in its three floors of permanent displays. You can journey through the history of Florida, Travelup says, from 12,000 years ago up to the present day; the exhibits perfectly depict the transition from the state’s Indian settlements, to cattle ranches, to today’s tourist centric, artsy community.

The Baterbys Art gallery is, Travelup says, a world class facility which is home to some of the greatest works of art in history; some of the artists whose pieces can be found here include Joan Miro, Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall and many others which can only be found in the USA’s top museums. Travelup In addition to these, the museum also houses an incredible array of work from some of today’s most well known contemporary artists, such as Pino, Gary Benfield, Alfred Gockel and Peter Max.

If you are planning a holiday to China this year, you may want to consider visiting Shanghai. It is a popular destination with tourists, as it offers such a variety of different attractions. TravelUp Reviews, consider the most popular tourist attractions, which make Shanghai a magnet for tourists each year.

TravelUp Reviews: Tourist attractions in Popular Holiday Destinations

TravelUp Reviews Shanghai

During the last 11 years, Shanghai has been moulded into a shining example of a 21st Centaury Chinese city. It offers a mixture of history and culture, as well as amazing modern architecture. This eclectic mix, of old and new, echoes throughout the entire city. There is a wealth of fascinating Chinese culture to be explored here by travellers. It has much to offer holidaymakers when it comes to eating, drinking, and nightlife.

The Bund

The Bund is the world famous waterfront. It has been the centre of the city since the mid 19th Century. Old colonial buildings line the promenade here. All the landmarks in this city can be seen, as you walk the mile along the promenade. However beautiful the city’s architecture looks from here, it is worth noting that The Bund gets incredibly busy at times.

TravelUp Reviews Jade Buddha TempleJade Buddha Temple

Jade Buddha Temple is possibly the most well known temple of this kind in Shanghai. Jade carvings on display here, were transported from Burma in the 1800’s. Although tourists are welcome in the temple, it remains an active place of Buddhist worship. Worshipers come here to burn incense and meditate.


Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan Garden is the biggest of all the ancient gardens in Shanghai. Here is the perfect place to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the busy metropolis. It provides a haven for city dwellers Yuyuan Garden TravelUp Reviewslooking for some quiet time. The ancient garden is set out in both the Ming and Quing designs.

The Garden is divided into six individual, separate sections. Each of these has a unique style and arrangement. The most memorable part is the beautiful Grand Rockery. This takes pride of place, being positioned at the centre of a truly remarkable ancient garden.